Small "Sacred Dwelling" Burn Bundle

Small "Sacred Dwelling" Burn Bundle
Small "Sacred Dwelling" Burn Bundle

Small "Sacred Dwelling" Burn Bundle

Each of these smaller "Sacred Dwelling" Burn Bundles, sold individually, is best used in home ceremonies and can be given as a house blessing gift. They are made with statice that imparts strength & endurability, strawflower to symbolize agreements, lavender for protection and cleansing new spaces, and baby’s breath that come from the daisy family.  All are symbolic of happiness & positivity.  Please note, the finite flowers used in these bundles cause slight variations in look.** 

**Non-Indigenous folks, please note: The proper use of these items is best described by a common practitioner, usually one of Indigenous origin or heritage.  Rather than ask for teaching, research the uses of this item yourself or form a relationship with an Indigenous person to simply listen and learn about their customs. The eventual invitation into their common ceremonies and rituals is a deeply-respected honor.  Do your best not to appropriate but rather observe and give thanks for the wisdom she, he, or they choose to share with you.   

Lit Rituals is a women-owned business based in Vallejo, CA. They're passionate about finding clean alternatives for their personal health and wellness products. Using clean, organic, and premium ingredients, their two biggest values are environmental awareness and maintaining a healthy and happy home.

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