Brooke and Stacey grew up in a creative household. Their mother, a talented seamstress and quilter, taught them sewing and the art of imaginative design from a young age. Their father, accustomed to dabbling in all sorts of construction and artistic ventures, reinforced their sense of wonder and appreciation for handmade, heart-filled artisanship.

In 2015, while sitting around a campfire one evening, talking about their interests and love for all things art, they decided to embark as sister-partners on a creative enterprise. This was the day Story Stoles, their first small-business venture, was born. Up to today, they continue to share the story of God's love through the making and marketing of clergy stoles for pastors, deacons, and those who love them.   

By way of Story Stoles they gained a strong appreciation for small-business ownership. They've experienced joys and challenges only small-batch, homemade producers of goods can understand. Based in two rural communities in central Montana, they've come to recognize the many ways small businesses add vibrancy to their local communities with their willingness to invest in and support all aspects of a person or community's life, health, and wellness. Thus, Brooke and Stacey took to launching Big Sky Soul as well.    

Their gift shop has developed a wonderful sense of purpose since its inception. Over the past few years, as they've noticed fear and negativity on the rise, they've felt it their mission to offer joyful, heartfelt products to the world that infuse hope, humor, and happiness into the lives of others!